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How to print our templates by your home printer?

Step 1: Proofread the template and save it after finished editing. Always use Save as… instead of Save.

Step 2: Go to main menu. Click “File” > “Print…”

Step 3.1: Select the printer
Step 3.2: Usually the size is set to “Shrink oversized pages” by default. You will need to change it to “Actual size” or “Custom Scale 100%” to print full size.
Step 3.3: Click “Page Setup…”, select the right paper size and orientation, and then click “OK”.

Step 4: You have everything ready now. Print one page to proofread again, and then print as many copies as you need.



* For personal use only.
* Designs may not be copied, resold, redistributed, republished or be used in whole or in part for commercial or any other purposes.
Copyright © Ribbonwandshk


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How to change the icon?

You can change the icon using our icon pack provided.

Step 1: Click the icon to change the image

Step 2: Browse a new image and click “Select”.
* Please check if you are choosing a correct file format under “Option” if you don’t see the icon pack.

Step 3: You can preview the image that you have just selected. Click “OK” to make the change.
* If the file you’ve chosen is multipage, click on the preview window, press the down arrow key until you find the correct image, and click “OK” to confirm.

Step 4: The image is changed now.


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How can I change the ratio of my image?

Sometimes you may want to change the ratio of your images so that they fit well with our templates. Apart from professional image editors such as Photoshop, free online tool such as ImageResize is recommended.

When there are white spaces around borders, it may mean that your photo doesn’t fit well with our templates.


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on “Choose an Image to Resize”. Browse the photo and click “Choose”.

Step 3: When the image is successfully uploaded, the following options would be available:
1. Adjust Image (Optional) – Chop / Flip / Rotate
2. Resize Your Image
3. Optimize Your Image (Optional)
4. Save Image As

Step 4: Since we want to change the ratio of the image, click “Chop” from Option 1.

Step 5.1: Choose the new ratio that you want. In this example, 3:2 is used.
Step 5.2: Drag a rectangle on the image. It is locked at the selected ratio no matter how you drag the box.

Step 6: Adjust the box size and location. Click “Apply”

Step 7: Leave all the other settings unchanged. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click “Save & Download Image”.

Step 8: A preview page will then be loaded. Click “Download Image” to save it to your computer.

Step 9: Continue editing your templates with the correct ratio images.


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Where is my purchased printable?

For customers who purchase the templates from Etsy – Once payment is confirmed, a link to your files will be emailed to you. Otherwise, you can the file at


For customers who purchase the templates from our website –

Step 1: Please log in your account first.

Step 2: You will enter the “My account” page. Please click “Downloads” on the left hand side.

Step 3: You will be able to see the templates that you have just purchased in zip file format, or you will be given a link to our if the file size is too large. Click to download the file. Please note that the download link usually valid for one month only.

If you have any problems getting your file, please contact us for help.