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Instructions : A01-005 Personalized Calendar


* Template WILL NOT work on Mobile Device or Tablet (Use computer ONLY)
* For personal use only.
* Designs may not be copied, resold, redistributed, republished or be used in whole or in part for commercial or any other purposes.
Copyright © Ribbonwandshk


Step 1: Download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have it already, go straight to Step 2. Otherwise, click here to see how.

Step 2: Prepare 12 images.
* To fit well with the frame of this template, please use image in 3:2 ratio. Click here to see how.
* Use 300 dpi images for best print results.

Step 3: Open the template that you want (Which size? Monday starts or Sunday starts?)
You will see that page 1 is the image summary page, page 2-13 is the calendar for January to December.

Step 4: Click on the image to change to a new one. Click here to see how.
After changing all the 12 photos, you will have something like this:

Step 5: We provide icon pack for the months in three colors: White, Grey and Black. Change them if you like. Click here to see how.
* Always click on some white spaces in the calendar to deselect everything before changing the next image / icon.

Step 6: Once the editing is completed, please save your file. Always use Save as… instead of Save.

Step 7: You may print the template now. Please be reminded that the print quality depends on images, printer and paper quality. Print the templates at professional print shop is recommended. If you are printing at home, make sure to print ““Shrink oversized pages”. Click here to see how.

Step 7: Cut along indicated trim marks.


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